Are you looking for more details about the Borderlands Critical Graduate Symposium? We hope that the information below will help.

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What is Borderlands?
Borderlands is a two-day graduate symposium being held at University of Connecticut. It emerged from a working group sponsored by El Instituto.

Can I attend even if I don’t present?
Yes. This event is open to all – graduate students, community members, undergraduates, staff, and faculty. We really want to see you there!

Does it cost money?
No. Registration is free and super easy. Just click this link and fill out the form when it becomes available to the public.

What time and where is Borderlands?
The symposium is taking place in two different buildings (one each day of the event) from 4/21/17 to 4/22/17.  On Friday, the symposium will go on from 11 am to 5 pm in the Student Union Cultural Centers (4th Floor). On Saturday, the symposium will go from 9 am to 6 pm and will be held in Laurel Hall (1st Floor).


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Okay, so I know which buildings will host the symposium but where are they on campus?
The Student Union and Laurel Hall are some of the more salient buildings on campus. You can use the UCONN INTERACTIVE MAP to see exactly where they are. Or, take a peak at this 2D map of the entire Storrs campus.

Also, check out this simple photo made by one of our volunteers. It highlights the general location of each building.


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How do I get to UCONN?
Well, here are some quotes from the Visit UCONN Directions/Parking webpage.

From the WestInterstate 84 East to Exit 68. From exit, take a right onto Route 195, and follow for 7 miles to campus.

Alternate directions from the West – Interstate 84 East to Interstate 384 East. At end of Interstate 384 East, take left fork to Route 44 East. Follow Route 44 East to intersection with Route 195. Take a right onto Route 195 and follow the signs to campus.

From the East – Interstate 84 West to Exit 68. From exit, take a left onto Route 195, and follow for 7 miles to campus.

From the Southeast – Interstate 95 to 395 North. Take Exit 81 West to Route 32 North. Follow Route 32 North to Willimantic. In town, turn right and go over bridge. Continue straight through the light and follow 195 North for 8 miles to campus.

For Public Transportation:
You may take the PeterPan bus to UCONN’s campus center. To do this, select “Storrs Uconn, CT” as your destination. Please make travel arrangements early, as transportation to Storrs is quite limited.

You can also take the MetroNorth to New Haven (from all points south), but will have to find a way to get campus (likely the PeterPan bus or an Amtrak train to Hartford).

Where do I park?
If you do not have a UCONN parking pass, you must park in visitor parking or parking garages on Friday. There are several options for parking. First – there is a parking garage in Storrs Center that is probably the cheapest option because the first two hours are free. Additionally, there are several parking garages located inside of campus that are also hourly. Check the bottom half of this page (related to parking) on where to find them.

On Saturday, you can park in any open parking space all day – except for those marked as 24/7 tow zones! You can find a map of the parking lots here. The closest lots would be near the Babbidge library (4 min walk to LH), South Campus (10 min walk to LH), or Mirror Lake/Manchester Hall (7 min walk to LH).

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Where can I stay?
There are a few different options for those traveling out of state. UCONN has a small hotel on campus that is available for visitors. It is called the Nathan Hale Inn. You can check prices and reservations by visiting their website.

There are also several other hotels and B&Bs within a 15 minute drive to campus like the Daniel Rust Inn and the Best Western Hotel. There are more hotels in Manchester, Vernon, and Hartford, but they require between 20-40 minutes of driving to campus. Unless you have a car, this is not recommended, as transportation is not so frequent. Other things, like AirB&B might exist, but we are not familiar with them enough to comment on that.

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It seems like these are long days. Will there be food or snacks?
Yes! There will be a lunch buffet for our keynote on Friday and one on Saturday. Exact times for when food will be served can be found in the program. Please note, there will be additional snacks delivered on Saturday that won’t be listed.

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Is there anything to do while in Storrs?
Well, you could visit our on-campus museums, the Dairy Bar (it has really good ice cream), take some nature walks, and dine at some trendy restaurants in Storrs Center. A lot of it is spelled out on this webpage.

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I want to come! … But I am worried about expenses. Are there any travel reimbursements or accommodations?
Through a generous grant from the Humanities Institute at UCONN, the conference organizers have been able to give out limited amounts of travel reimbursements to presenters. We also are using digital platforms for accepted presentations that have some kind of travel concern.

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I’m really excited but I want to know… Who put together Borderlands?
We’re excited too! And, Borderlands is a collaboration of many people. This year’s conference is supported by the Graduate Students of Color Association, El InstitutoDepartment of Sociology, the Humanities Institute, Asian and Asian American Studies Institute, the Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Program,  the Puerto Rican and Latin American Cultural Center, the Rainbow Center, the Women’s Center, the African American Cultural Center, and the American Studies Program. A bunch of staff at UCONN helped make this possible due to their work and willingness to read many emails.

No! Who is organizing the symposium?
Oh, well… Chriss Sneed submitted the initial working group proposal and brought “Research in the Borderlands” to life. As the year went on, Chriss dreamed up the symposium as its lead organizer and founder. Cynthia Melendez Montoya is the co-organizer of the conference and the Borderlands working groups. In its second year, Borderlands also established an advisory committee made up of graduate students who helped answer emails, create logistical plans, and make sure the conference could be even bigger than last year.

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