Upcoming Conference

2018 Theme
Cartographies of the Body: Subversions. Surveillance. Crossings.


Pressing inequalities remain a central fixture of social theory, research, activism, and everyday living. Climatological distress; racialized terror; criminal [in]justice system expansion; techniques of extractive labor practices and production; militarized borders; right-wing populist resurgence; anti-trans and -queer violence; gendered stratification; threats to indigenous sovereignty; and neocolonial formations are only broad hints to the varying oppressive regimes and inequities occurring throughout the Americas and the world. Structural analyses are important tools in which scholars and activists have come to development knowledge and resistance; however, Borderlands: A Critical Graduate Symposium 2018 will function as a space in which the body is centered, re-posited, and re-illuminated within discussions of these phenomena. Accordingly, the 3rd annual conference theme is “Cartographies of the Body: Subversion. Surveillance. Crossings.”

We invite contributors to submit proposals that address these ideas – and more generally, issues relating to body, identity, space, and social life – through our online form ( https://goo.gl/forms/N4EyooLU3BYyoik82 ) by January 13, 2018* at 11:59 pm.


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